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Jardín Centenario 9-A, Coyoacán Centro,

Zip Code 04000 México D.F.

Tel. (55) 5554-7555

Opening Hours

  • Monday - Wednesday 12:30 a 1:00 am (kitchen closing 12:00 am)
  • Thursday and Friday 12:30 a 2:00 am (kitchen closing 12:00 am)
  • Weekends 9:00 am a 2:00 am (kitchen closing 1:00 am)



The cathedral of Mezcal in México.


Corazón de Maguey celebrates our land, our people and our culture with a selection of the best artisan mezcal and typical Mexican cuisine. This one of a kind mezcalería eatery is situated in and inspired by Coyoacán, symbol of cultural integration and cultural heart of Mexico City. 


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